Diary Licenses

Dairy Licenses

In 1909, the Board of Health of the State of New Jersey created the Division of Creameries and Dairies. This new division facilitated cooperation between the state and local health departments to ensure a safe milk supply. The division created a uniform score sheet by which all dairies were evaluated throughout the state. Historically, cities such as Newark and Patterson used their inspectors to visit dairies, primarily to certify vaccine status of the herds in the prevention of bovine tuberculosis. These efforts also extended to the inspection of sanitary conditions and the protection of the raw milk.

The actions of both state and local boards of health, resulted in a comprehensive milk safety program from dairy inspection to the consumer. To ensure the sanitary transportation of milk, many New Jersey municipalities enacted licensing requirements along with inspections of the distribution depots and vehicles. These licenses were issued annually and affixed to the delivery trucks.

The dairy license at the top was issued by the Board of Health of the Borough of Rockaway, New Jersey, in 1938. The dairy license on the bottom was issued by the Board of Health of Harrison, New Jersey, for 1948–1949 with an expiration date of June 30, 1949.

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