CHAMPS Program and BRACE

Climate Health Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership (CHAMPS) Program and Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) 

The Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) framework is a five-step process that allows health officials to develop strategies and programs to help communities prepare for the health effects of climate change. Part of this effort involves incorporating complex atmospheric data and both short and long-range climate projections into public health planning and response activities. Combining atmospheric data and projections with epidemiologic analysis allows health officials to more effectively anticipate, prepare for, and respond to a range of climate-sensitive health impacts.

Step 1: Anticipate Climate Impacts and Assessing Vulnerabilities

Step 2: Project the Disease Burden

Step 3: Assess Public Health Interventions

Step 4: Develop and Implement a Climate and Health Adaptation Plan

Step 5: Evaluate Impact and Improve Quality of Activities

For resources and more information, visit CDC's BRACE Framework website.


We are excited to unveil our new NEHA CHAMP (Climate Health Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership) Program. Through the development and implementation of this program, we seek to encourage and support local jurisdictions as they identify their unique climate-related health risks, develop climate adaptation plans, and implement targeted adaptation actions to protect their communities.

Through the NEHA CHAMP program, we encourage local jurisdictions to become climate champions who work towards meeting the objectives of CDC's BRACE Framework, after which they will be BRACE certified by NEHA and will be recognized as NEHA CHAMPs. We encourage sharing lessons learned and making resources available and accessible to jurisdictions throughout the nation to help meet the needs of their constituents who are adversely impacted by the health effects of climate change.