Alnor Velometer Jr.

Alnor Velometer Jr.

The Alnor Velometer Jr. was manufactured by the Alnor Instrument Company of Niles, Illinois, and made its debut in 1948. The “Alnor Junior” is probably the best-known instrument for measuring airflow. 

This ruggedly built, direct reading air velocity measuring instrument was a common tool in the sanitarian’s field instruments kit. By simply holding the velometer next to grilles and registers so the air blows directly into the calibrated orifice, the air velocity is read directly as indicated by the pointer. It has a dual range that can read airflow rates up to 1,000 fpm and features an easily adjusted 0.

The Alnor Velometer Jr. was discontinued in 2014 and replaced by model 8100A-16, which has a greater range of measurement.

The unit pictured was purchased in 1975 and is in constant use.

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