Sanitarian's Kit

Sanitarian's kit

The Millipore Bacteriological Potable Water Testing Unit, also called the Millipore Sanitarian's Kit, is used for conducting bacteriological assays on potable water. It was a popular field kit from the 1960s through the 1980s. The basic kit was also sold in a complete and portable field kit that had a self-contained incubator and storage for all testing components.

The apparatuses shown above include a polished, graduated stainless steel cup and a pump syringe. A measured amount of water was drawn through the pump syringe and forced through a proprietary graph-lined, microporous filter cassette containing an absorbent disc. A nutrient solution was added to the obverse side of the cassette onto the absorbent pad. The cassette was then sealed and placed in an incubator for analysis. The Sanitarian’s Kit made field sampling of well water easy, accurate, and timely. 

These kits have since been replaced by much more rapid and simpler testing methods.

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