Sustainable Brownfields Redevelopment in the European Union: An Overview of Policy and Funding Frameworks


This first article in a series of three on land reuse highlights sustainable brownfields redevelopment in Europe. Sustainability is a key European concept. Europe’s densely populated urban areas are facing specific challenges that include urban sprawl and environmental pollution. Redeveloping brownfields, or reusing the abandoned built landscape, can positively impact the economic, social, and environmental health security of cities. Many European Union (EU) cities benefit from policy and financial assistance in renovating their urban areas. This article reviews the EU’s policy and funding frameworks that support sustainable brownfields redevelopment. Brownfield site problems are common to many countries in Europe and around the world, and this article aims to share knowledge and resources that support the transformation of these abandoned or underused areas into public or private uses.



Speaker / Author: 
Cezar Morar, PhD, University of Oradea, Romania
Laurel Berman, PhD, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Sharon Unkart, PhD, National Environmental Health Association
Serap Erdal, PhD, University of Illinois Chicago
Month Year: 
November 2021
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Publication Month: 
November 2021