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Dear NEHA, Letters From Our Supporters

Date posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Here at NEHA, we cherish the support we continuously receive from our members, partners, and all other professionals in the field. We value the passion, dedication, and solidarity our supporters exemplify. To recognize those who choose to donate and endorse the future of our professional association, we are sharing the stories and inspirations of our supporters. Become inspired by their thoughtful words and unwavering commitment as they propel the advancement of our profession.

Dave Dyjack

NEHA Member Since 2017 and NEHA Executive Director

"Anne Dotter once quipped that with great privilege comes great responsibility. I believe it is a profound privilege to lead a committed group of professionals employed at our association. My solemn responsibility is to give back to the organization which has a noble mission: To build, sustain and empower an effective environmental health workforce."

Kimberly Dillion

NEHA Member since 2008

"I donate because I love to see students and other professionals (in other fields) learn about all the good that EH professionals do. I was a science teacher and a law enforcement analyst before I happened upon EH. A friend @Lon Empey (Las Vegas, Nevada) encouraged me to check out the open positions at my local environmental health employer. Several years later I did and have enjoyed travel, training, regulatory work, and have met thousands of amazing small business owners and operators who keep our economy humming."

Dave Banaszynski

NEHA Member Since 2008

"I owe a great debt of gratitude to NEHA for all the life experiences they have offered me. Before I became President of my state association, I had little interaction with NEHA. Now I can say that I have been to NEHA headquarters in Denver several times as a subject matter expert. I have attended and presented at AEC's in Grand Rapids, San Antonio, Anaheim, and Nashville. NEHA selected me to help teach environmental health inspectors how to perform institutional inspections in St. Croix, V.I. All at no cost to myself. I will always have fond memories of all the people I have met during these trips. I am a more well-rounded person and inspector due to the different people, cultures, and experiences I have had. I owe NEHA much more than just donations and plan to help them in any way should they need it in the future."

Brian Collins

NEHA Member Since 1988 and NEHA Past President

"I was inspired to join NEHA after meeting the Region 5 Vice-President in 1988 at a Texas Environmental Health Association meeting (TEHA). He advised of national credentialing and networking opportunities that could accelerate personal and professional success. I joined and realized his prophecy. Once I completed the TEHA chairs, I wanted to step it up nationally and the NEHA Board was a natural! Not only was it a way to expand my knowledge, network, and experience, it provided me an opportunity to 'give back' to a profession that has provided me so much. After 30+ years, I have so many opportunities to contribute and make a difference, and so many friends and colleagues. I don't think that would have occurred if not for NEHA."

Vince Radke

NEHA Member Since 1980 and NEHA Past President

"I remember those in NEHA and other organizations that helped me in my career. But, in addition, those folks helped me do a better job for the health and safe of people in my communities. I stand on the shoulders of great public health and environmental health professionals, who inspired me to do my best for the health and safety of others. I wish to honor them by giving forward to future environmental health professionals. I can best do this by my support to help NEHA fulfill its mission to 'advance the environmental health professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all.'"

Earl Phillips

NEHA Member Since 2015

"NEHA represents an Association that provides resources and paves the way for an individual's success in the field. As a retiree, I have about 25 charities that I support. NEHA has a special place on my list as I have benefitted from being a member, in both my civilian and military careers."

Ned Therien

NEHA Member Since 2005

"I became a registered sanitarian in California in 1976, a few months after receiving an MPH in environmental health. I attended my first NEHA AEC in San Diego and I was impressed with most of the speakers and the practical knowledge presented. Since money was tight, I took the opportunity to attend additional NEHA AEC's and state affiliate AEC's over the next few decades only when management paid some of the cost and I volunteered for positions with my state affiliate. When I retired in 2014, I had more freedom of time to volunteer for a NEHA Regional VP position. I understood the survival of NEHA was not inevitable, it took a lot of work by dedicated staff and volunteers. I was particularly impressed by the other NEHA officers who somehow found time from their paid positions to attend meetings and take care of other NEHA business. I continue to support NEHA because it is the premier organization representing and promoting my life-long career of environmental public health."

Bob Powitz

NEHA Member Since 1968

"For the past 53 years, NEHA has been my primary professional affiliation. I attended my first Annual Educational Conference (AEC) in 1972, where I met the best, brightest, and most influential members of our vocation. Through their help and constant prodding, I continued to improve my education, skills, and attributes as a practitioner. After completing my Doctorate, NEHA gave me the opportunity for a post-doc, where I participated in updating our professional criteria and profile. NEHA also gave me a platform to try out new things, including the development of a new branch of our practice: forensics. I've been blessed to present numerous papers on various cutting-edge topics at our AEC and Journal of Environmental Health. NEHA continues to encourage young sanitarians to embrace our profession through learning opportunities and scholarship activities. NEHA is everything I could have hoped for in a professional association. Now it's time to give back."

Jim Balsamo

NEHA Member Since 1970 and NEHA Past President

"My parents did things in their lives that made them who they were. My mother gave of herself which enriched her, our family, and the community. That lesson was paramount in my decision to join many different organizations throughout my life. I first wanted to use these associations to better myself, my career, and the other members of each organization. As I got more involved with NEHA, I realized that I had something constructive to give, and the more I gave, the more I received. My service to NEHA and my profession continues today. I hope my contributions have helped other professionals get more out of NEHA, their work, and service to their communities."

Tim Hatch

NEHA Member Since 2005 and NEHA Region 7 Vice-President (2020–2023)

"I truly feel that the EH professional is the backbone of PH. We are a flexible and dynamic workforce who always rise to the challenge but rarely are acknowledged for it. I believe that MY NEHA is the national voice for us 'unsung heroes' and by my giving back, I help to strengthen that voice. NEHA is greater than ever but we still have mountains to climb to be on par with other (equal) professionals such as nurses, engineers, epidemiologists, and related healthcare professions. By supporting NEHA physically, mentally, and financially, I hope to make a difference in the lives of every EH professional."

Sandra Whitehead

NEHA Member Since 2013

"I chose to support NEHA because it is the only organization devoted exclusively to representing and helping environmental health professionals. The tools and resources created by NEHA move the profession forward. No other organization does that."