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A Time of Change, a Time of Opportunity

Aug 17, 2016 - 04:00pm
David E. Riggs, MS, REHS/RS

We are in a time of great change and opportunity for NEHA. The NEHA board of directors and executive director have accomplished much in reviewing and refocusing our policies and operations to more fully realize the potential of NEHA and the members of our profession.

The environmental health profession is on the brink of unparalleled challenge and opportunity. Many of our traditional programs are either being phased out or scaled down. Other existing programs are being reimagined and restructured. In the next few years, communities will build or greatly expand programs in climate change, sustainability, the built environment, environmental equity, and community safety. All of these are by definition, largely or wholly, environmental health based programs.

Our profession has the education, experience, and community understanding to be the leaders in the newly restructured traditional programs, as well as in these newly created and funded programs....

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Journal of Environmental Health
September 2016
Volume 79, No. 2

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