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"Water, Water, Every Where..."

Sep 16, 2016 - 04:00pm
David E. Riggs, MS, REHS/RS

A few months ago I stood in front of one of the most attentive audiences I have addressed and explain what environmental health and the environmental health professional are. As I looked at the roomful of faces, I knew that it was important to have this audience understand the breadth and depth of our profession. The roomful of middle school students expectantly listened to my presentation and at the end, I asked them what they thought the biggest environmental health problem would be in their future. As several hands shot up, I called upon them share their opinions. One after another the voices answered water, bad city water, or drought.

It was after this classroom experience that I decided the overarching theme of my year as NEHA president would be water and the growing problems of unacceptable water quality, shortages, and droughts...

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Journal of Environmental Health
October 2016
Volume 79, No. 3

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