Earn CE Credit

Six Convenient Ways to Earn CE Credit from NEHA!

Online Education

Take online courses in the environmental health and protection field for continuing education credit. Many professionals use NEHA's e-Learning series. These self-study courses include recordings from NEHA’s Annual Educational Conferences as well as an expanding catalog of programs relevant to environmental health professionals. Each course includes a video recording of the instructor, the presentation and other materials. After viewing the course, complete an online quiz after which you can download a course completion certificate. With NEHA e-Learning, CE credits are automatically added to your NEHA account - no additional paperwork to fill out or forms to submit! 

Each hour of course material is equivalent to 1 NEHA-Approved CE Contact Hour with no limit on continuing education credits obtained by this method. 

NEHA e-Learning

Videos and Computer-Based Training

View videos and computer-based training in the environmental health and protection field for continuing education credit. All you need to do is send NEHA a completed online submission form. You can purchase videos and computer-based training through our Online Bookstore. You may also attend any other trainings offered by other organizations other than NEHA as long as it relates to environmental health.

Journal of Environmental Health (JEH) Quizzes

NEHA members have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits while enjoying the JEH. Earn up to 6 CEs per year by completing the 6 quizzes found in the JEH.

Journal of Environmental Health  

NEHA's Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

Earn continuing education credits by attending NEHA's AEC.

Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

Published Articles

Earn continuing education through published articles. Just submit the article that you have published to NEHA.

NEHA Book Reviews

NEHA now grants continuing education credit for self-study learning experiences such as the preparation of an acceptable book review for books obtained through NEHA. (It is important to note that only books obtained through NEHA are deemed acceptable for CE book reviews. This is because NEHA has already spent a considerable amount of time carefully reviewing and evaluating the content of these books and has determined that they meet continuing education standards.) Visit the NEHA Bookstore. By reviewing a NEHA book, you can obtain a maximum of 4 contact hours of credit toward your two-year NEHA requirement. A written book review must be completed for each book including: a summary of the major topics or points covered by the book (one page or less); an assessment as to whether or not the author successfully achieved what he or she set out to do (one page or less); a personal critical assessment of the book including likes and dislikes (two or more pages); and a concluding summary that simply states your perception of the value of the book (one page or less). 

Please note: 1 CEU equals 10 CE contact hours; 0.5 CEU equals 5 CE contact hours.