Epi-Ready Accomplishments

Since 2003...Map of EPI Ready Workshops in the United States

  • Over 3,300 EH and PH professionals have been trainedĀ 
  • 75 workshops have been conducted in 33 statesĀ 
  • Attendees represent all 50 states, plus international attendance from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica and Guam
  • Recipient of the 2008 Food Safety Leadership Award from NSF International
EH Topics: 

  • "This was a wonderful course. I felt much more prepared to work effectively with EPI and Dec and our labs, I understand my role in investigations more and have a better idea of what info I need to gather and why."
    - Participant from Epi-Ready Anchorage
  • "Ongoing conversation and collaboration between the epidemiologist and environmental health professionals has resulted directly from the workshop."
  • "The workshop was excellent and the class helped the sanitarians that attended have a better working relationship with nurses and the different roles each would have in an outbreak of a foodborne disease. As a nurse it helped me have a better understanding how sanitarians felt and their responsibilities and roles."