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Epi-Ready: Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigation Team Training

Below are complete course materials including a 2-day agenda, list of course books, student manual, student and instructor PowerPoints, and additional instructor materials.


Suggested Agenda

List of Course Books

Student Manual (includes PowerPoints, Exercises, Case Study and Appendices) 

Student Version
Instructor Version

Exercises in each Module

Module 1: Foodborne Diseases and Outbreaks Download Download

Breaking News

Identifying Your Outbreak Investigation Team

Module 2: Surveillance and Outbreak Detection Download Download

Collecting a Food History

Reviewing a Complaint Log

Module 3: Preliminary Investigation of an Outbreak

Download Download

Line List of Ill Guests Following Birthday Party

Generating Hypotheses about an Outbreak

Module 4: Environmental Health Investigation Download Download Undertaking an Environmental Health Assessment
Module 5: Epidemiologic Investigation Download Download Identifying Problem Areas in an Epidemiological Study
Module 6: Laboratory Investigation Download Download none
Epilogue to Investigations Download Download none
Module 7: Multijurisdictional Outbreaks Download Download none
Module 8: Communicating Among Team Members Download Download Sharing Investigation Information Among Team Members
Burden of Foodborne Diseases (Optional) none Download none
Final Case Study: Gastroenteritis at a University in Texas Download


(DOC or PPT)


Other Materials for Instructors:

Quick Quiz Answers and Explanations

Guidance for Instructors

Ideas for Local Policies and Procedures

Slideshow for breaks and lunchtime (includes food trivia)

EH Topics: