Industry - Foodborne Illness Investigation Training and Recall Response

What is I-FIIT-RR?

  • I-FIIT-RR aims to assist industry in producing a more rapid, efficient, and effective response to foodborne illness incidents and food recalls.

  • Designed to build improved relationships and open lines of communication between the retail food industry and local food regulatory agencies.

  • Identifies industry’s role in reducing the individual and economic impact of foodborne illness.

  • Identifies the steps in recall and outbreak response and identifies roles and responsibilities before, during, and after a potential incident.

  • Identifies control measures based on model practices that rapidly and effectively prevent further transmission of illness.

  • I-FIIT-RR is available for online viewing or can be hosted as a one day face-to-face workshop.

Host a LIVE Workshop

  • There are a variety of ways a company or association can host a self-funded workshop. Please inquire with

  • Workshops can be tailored to focus on a specific facility, and/or specific local/state procedures

  • Workshops are a one day training for up to 35 industry attendees

  • NEHA will provide all coordination, registration, workshop materials and Instructor

  • Approved for NEHA Continuing Education 

I-FIIT-RR Audience:IFIIT-RR Puzzle Pieces

  • Retail food store/food service establishment staff

  • Single unit to large chains

  • Mid-level manager & above (recommended)

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Chefs, Managers, etc

I-FIIT-RR Modules:

  • Building a Partnership: Who & Why?

  • Recall Response

  • Recognizing a Foodborne Illness Outbreak

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Control Measures & Epidemiologic Investigation

  • Collecting Samples & Laboratory Testing

  • Recovery/Concluding Actions

EH Topics: 

Past Workshop Attendee Comments

  • "The I-FIIT program is what I would consider an "essential" part of any retail food safety system. As a Director, the training and integrated systems I gained from this training provided my company with the tools necessary to do many things with excellence relative to food safety… Upon implementation of these one can quickly realize the added value to one's organization that can significantly improve the value of an overall operation in terms of financial risk mitigation and the balance sheet combined."
  • "It can be very time consuming to develop the forms, procedures, and policies in any retail food operation. The I-FIIT program provides all of these in an easy to use, adaptable format. This brings a high level of productivity to any food safety manager and allows the organization to move forward more quickly with improving the risk reduction and training of [the] front line manager. "
  • "The discussions that occurred throughout the training between industry and the public health officials greatly added to the quality of the course. "
  • "I really appreciated the instructor’s ability to facilitate the group. It's hard to bring a group together and talk cohesively about a contentious subject. The instructor made sure we know preventing foodborne outbreaks is in everyone's best interest. Invaluable lessons were learned. Thank you."