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The foremost mission of the Journal of Environmental Health is to provide its readers with the latest research and advancements in environmental health and protection. It serves as a widely respected educational resource and a means of elevating the discussion on a range of environmental health issues. The Journal also plays an integral role in the mission of the National Environmental Health Association, which is “to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all.”

The editors of the Journal of Environmental Health (JEH) invite environmental health and protection professionals, educators, and researchers, as well as other individuals or entities, to submit manuscripts for possible publication. Original technical papers, review articles, or reports on experiences, research endeavors, management techniques, or current issues are considered. Guest commentaries, special reports, letters to the editor, and other items of interest to the readership also are encouraged. Authors receive no monetary compensation for their contributions to the Journal, and all technical material is subject to peer review.


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Present information on a new research endeavor or share an original technical paper in the Journal of Environmental Health. For more information, please review the Instructions for Authors (PDF).