Workshop on Addressing the Environmental Health Impacts of Climate Change on Private Drinking Water Systems and Private Wells

Climate change impacts groundwater quantity and quality through increased variability in precipitation and frequency of extreme weather events. There is a need for resources that highlight the impact of climate change on groundwater, especially for private domestic drinking water wells, that consider relevant regional vulnerabilities such as saltwater intrusion, groundwater depletion, and enhanced microbiological contamination of groundwater.


This 4-hour virtual workshop will provide information and resources for local health departments and communities to address the impact of climate change on private drinking water system safety, security, and maintenance. The virtual workshop will feature:
  • a series of presentations 
  • a facilitated roundtable discussion featuring a panel of subject matter experts 
  • sharing lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities

Learning Sessions

After the workshop, two learning sessions will be available to participant to meet with subject matter experts about addressing the impacts of climate change on groundwater quality and quantity in their community.


There is no fee to attend this workshop. 

Continuing Education Credits

NEHA continuing education units are available to participants who complete the workshop.