Completing a Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan (CSIP), to be Attached to Your Base Grant Application

A Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan (CSIP) is a requirement for all application pathways except Track 1 Development Funding where activities are limited to: Completion of a Self-Assessment of all nine Standards (SA9), Completion of a CSIP, Becoming a Mentee, and Limited Training (attendance at a Self-Assessment and Verification Audit Workshop).

The CSIP is a helpful tool to work through the Retail Program Standards, and should address all Elements determined as “not met” in your current  SA9, and must include:

  • identification of individual Element(s) not met for any Standard(s) not yet met by your jurisdiction,
  • improvements needed (action steps/tasks) to address Standard(s) and Element(s) not yet met,
  • personnel responsible for each action step/task, and
  • target completion dates for each action step/task.

There is no set format for the required CSIP, so your jurisdiction can develop one that best meets your individual needs. The CSIP is considered a multi-year planning document and is intended to serve as a resource tool that jurisdictions can use, and there is no standard format or procedure for the CSIP. Jurisdictions can use external templates to construct their CSIP to best meet their needs.

If your jurisdiction determines it will need a CSIP for the fall 2021 application period, the following is a simple process we suggest:

Completing Your Comprehensive Strategic Improvement Plan (CSIP)

  • Step 1: Review the FDA Guidance and optional template for the CSIP found here.
  • Step 2: Determine the best format and plan for your CSIP, one that meets your individual jurisdictional needs, and develop your CSIP using MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, or another common format.
  • Step 3: During the NEHA-FDA RFFM fall 2021 application period, attach the CSIP to your Base Grant application in the section provided.

The CSIP that you attach to your NEHA-FDA RFFM Base Grant application will not impact your application review score.  Although it is required, the CSIP is intended to be a flexible tool to help you successfully navigate through the Retail Program Standards.

FDA Guidance explaining the purposes of both the CSIP and the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) can be found here.

A template for the PIP, which when developed can be used as a resource to cut and paste key information into your grant application(s), can be found here.