RPSS: Featured Speakers

June 7, 2022

Keynote Address, Andre Pierce

Andre Pierce, this year’s Retail Program Standards Symposium Keynote speaker, is a veteran in the field of environmental health where his passion and expertise led to his current position as the FDA Office of State Cooperative Programs (OSCP) Retail Food Protection Division Director. He brings 34 years of experience to this position in building relationships, sharing knowledge, and promoting action at the ground level where change happens. 
Pierce earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his Master of Public Administration from North Carolina State University. As former Director of Environmental Health in Wake County, NC, his passion and leadership led to notable improvements in the county’s food protection program as well as awards including the Samuel J. Crumbine  Award. Andre is also a member of the North Carolina Order of the Long Leaf Pine, participating author of the Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response (CIFOR) Guidelines, and co-chair of the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) Program Standards Committee.
Andre strives to connect public health to innovative tools, and the tools to the people in the field, inspiring audiences with stories and humor, and perhaps a Standard or two.

David McSwane

Dr. David McSwane is the Executive Director of the Conference for Food Protection (CFP). CFP has had a significant impact on food safety rules and regulations nationwide. Dr. McSwane served as the Chair of the CFP Accreditation Study Committee that was charged with considering the desirability and feasibility of an accreditation program for local food regulatory programs. Information compiled by this committee was used by FDA when it formulated the Voluntary Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards.
Previously, Dr. McSwane was an Associate Dean and faculty member at Indiana University. His teaching and research interests focused on environmental factors that cause human illness and injury. He taught courses in environmental health, food science and sanitation, and environmental health policy. His research was of an applied nature and involved such diverse issues as food safety and defense, drinking water safety, and environmental policy.
Dr. McSwane has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of environmental health, food safety, and public health. He is the lead author of Food Safety Fundamentals and the SafeMark Guide to Food Safety textbooks published by the Food Marketing Institute.
Dr. McSwane is a Registered Environmental Health Specialist and a Certified Professional in Food Safety. Previously, Dr. McSwane was Administrator of the Monroe County Health Department in Bloomington, Indiana, and a Public Health Sanitarian with the Indiana State Department of Health. Dr. McSwane is Past-President of the Indiana Environmental Health Association and the Indiana Public Health Association.
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