FSA Brochure

Learn More About the Food Safety Auditor Credentials This complex and challenging field of study gives professionals the personal satisfaction of knowing their efforts directly and positively impact people’s health and their communities. They are integral players with multifaceted skills that are in high demand in federal, state, and local government agencies and organizations, nonprofit organizations, and private industries. NEHA offers additional resources on credential eligibility, application, study references, training courses, examination description and locations, reciprocity, and maintaining your credential through continuing education. www.neha.org/fsa or contact credentialing@neha.org www.neha.org NEHA FOOD CERTIFICATIONS & CREDENTIALS REGISTERED FOOD SAFETY AUDITOR CERTIFIED IN FOOD SAFETY SUPPLIER AUDITS CERTIFIED IN COMPREHENSIVE FOOD SAFETY CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL - FOOD SAFETY CERTIFIED FOODBORNE OUTBREAK INVESTIGATOR HACCP MANAGER PROFESSIONAL FOOD MANAGER PROFESSIONAL FOOD HANDLER REGISTERED ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST / REGISTERED SANITARIAN