NEHA March 2019 Journal of Environmental Health

Health Space CS Pro helps Angie, and it can help you, too. Last year Angie Clark did over 500 routine inspections, almost 100 complaint inspections, 5 Court dates, logged 3,000 travel miles and quite possibly prevented dozens of illnesses. When Angie makes a call, her work is available to the department and the public within minutes. She always has the information she needs for maximum productivity and accuracy. Facilities are never missed and high-hazard establishment inspections are never late. That’s why she is never without her tablet and Health Space CS Pro. Contact us today HS TOUCH She doesn’t take chances. The communities she serves depend on her to do more inspections under an increasingly difficult workload and conditions. In the office or on the road, she demands the most from her tools and equipment. ANGIE = A Nom-de-plume Genuine Inspector Environmentalist, and these results reflect actual activity by Inspectors using HealthSpace CS Pro.