NEHA COVID-19 Environmental Health Workforce Rapid Needs Assessment Report

March 23, 2020 A Rapid Needs Assessment (convenience sample) of the Environmental Health workforce relative to COVID- 19 was conducted on March 25, 2020. This is relevant because environmental health professionals are the second largest part of the local public health workforce, behind nursing. Responses were received from approximately 1,175 local, territorial, state, tribal, federal and private sector respondents. Key findings: Environmental Health Professional Involvement in COVID-19 • All EH sectors reported being actively involved in the response • The highest sector was local (60%) • The lowest reported sector was U.S. Territories (38%) Source of Situational Awareness and Guidance • The primary source of COVID-19 information is the CDC Website • The highest sector using CDC website is US Territory EH programs (91%) • The lowest sector using the CDC Website is State EH Departments (73%) Technical Support • The highest need for technical support is guidance on cleaning and disinfection (57%) • The second highest need is on proper use and limitation of personal protective equipment (45%) • Immediate need for guidance materials on safe food handling (50%) The National Environmental Health Association represents the nation’s environmental health workforce, with approximately 7,000 members in the uniformed services, local, state, federal, territorial, tribal, and private sectors. For additional information contact: