Vector Research


Research for new insights and innovative solutions to environmental public health problems

Research is imperative for the development of new and innovative solutions to vector control problems. This service is comprised of public health professionals working with institutions of higher learning to create real-world strategies and best practices.

Vector program activities that fit into Essential Service #10 include, but aren't limited to:

  1. Developing relationships with local schools, including community colleges and universities
  2. Incorporating new technology into vector control programs – this includes smart traps, citizen science apps, and other innovative vector surveillance and control methods.


Fight the Bite App Allows residents Beaufort County, SC to access mosquito control information, the ability to submit Service or Inspection requests, as well as information on recognizing mosquito breeding sources on your property. Also provides important information on when and how to submit dead birds for West Nile Virus testing


Preparing the Nation for Vector-Borne Diseases CDC page addressing the need for a strategy against vector-borne threats and links to the 5 Regional Centers of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases


A Performance Management Initiative for Local Health Department Vector Control Programs The CDC and the Public Health Foundation partnered on a performance management initiative for 14 local health department vector control programs. This involved a performance assessment and quality improvement programs