Walter S. Mangold Award Nomination Process

Nomination Process

Candidates being considered for the Walter S. Mangold Award may be nominated in one of two ways:

  1. By the local affiliate of which he/she is a member, with each affiliate limited to one candidate, or
  2. By any five NEHA members who may or may not belong to an affiliate.

Note: If a nominee has not been successful in earning the Walter S. Mangold Award, an affiliate is encouraged to re-nominate the individual if he/she possesses the aforementioned quality credentials.


According to Article IV, Section I of the NEHA Bylaws, the selection process is handled by the Walter S. Mangold Award Committee, which consists of the prior five recipients of the award. The senior recipient serves as the committee chairperson, who directs and coordinates the evaluation process using a rating sheet – a sample of which is enclosed in Appendix A. In case of resignation or inability to serve, the replacement shall be the sixth, seventh, etc. person, until one is willing and able to serve.  

Award Presentation

The Mangold Award is presented during the Awards Ceremony at the National Environmental Health Association’s Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition.

Submission of Nomination

All nomination materials must be submitted via email as a pdf. Please contact Heather Folker for additional information on how to submit:, (303) 802-2137.

Those who prepare a document in support of a nomination should keep in mind the following factors: 

  • The committee, when making the decision as to who will become the Walter S. Mangold honoree, is limited to the contents of the written presentation and supporting written documentation as its sole source of information that will be measured against the established criteria. Personal knowledge of a nominee by an evaluator or the candidate’s popularity is not considered by the committee when making decisions about the viability of the presentation for the nominee.
  • It takes a carefully prepared and complete document to effectively record in-depth the contributions of the nominee to the improvement and expansion of the environmental health science field and the growth and development of the working professional at the local, state, national and/or international level.
  • The committee seeks to recognize those who go beyond local or regional limits to contribute on a national or international level to advancing the profession of environmental health. Committee members are looking for direct effects and documented results that occurred beyond local or state boundaries.
  • The judges, all former Mangold winners, look for a high quality of work performed including information on how the nominee’s exceptional performance is shared with others and affects those around him/her, and how he/she has contributed in outstanding ways to improve the environmental health practice.
  • The length of the biographical narrative portion of the nomination should not exceed 25 pages since weight and volume by itself are not necessarily persuasive. However, the supporting documents, found in the appendices, can be considerably more in number. Each portion of the biographical narrative should reflect the high points of the supporting documents.
  • Affiliates and nominating individuals are urged to focus on those activities and accomplishments in the nominee's career that are most salient and best exhibit his/her contributions to the environmental health profession in developing new programs and the acceptance of the programs by the individual’s peers in other venues. Particular attention should be given to the work of the individual as a mentor to others to help them in their professional growth. The emphasis must be on quality rather than quantity of contributions to the profession; however, a large quantity of quality work is to be commended.
  • The nominee will be judged separately by each of the five members of the committee utilizing the enclosed rating sheet. (See Appendix A of the PDF document.)
  • Start your search for a nominee and the necessary documentation early in the year prior to the nominating year.

View Mangold Nomination Document (PDF)