November 2018

Journal of Environmental Health
Volume 81, Number 4

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About the Cover

Rats are a common problem in cities worldwide. Most of the public health research has focused on disease transmission related to rat exposure and infestations; however, little is known about the nonphysical consequences of rat exposure. This issue’s cover article, “Beyond Zoonosis: The Mental Health Impacts of Rat Exposure on Impoverished Urban Neighborhoods,” explores the often-neglected impacts of rat exposure on mental health. Results of the article suggest that rat exposure consistently has a negative impact on mental health. By developing a better understanding of potential rat-related health risks—both mental and physical—public health officials can better evaluate, refine, and develop their policies regarding rats.

Table of Contents

Advancement of the Science

  • Beyond Zoonosis: The Mental Health Impacts of Rat Exposure on Impoverished Urban Neighborhoods
  • Community-Wide Recreational Water-Associated Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis and Control Strategies—Maricopa County, Arizona, 2016

Advancement of the Practice

  • Navigating Degrees of Collaboration: A Proposed Framework for Identifying and Implementing Health in All Policies
  • Building Capacity: Building Capacity Through Project Agility
  • Direct From ATSDR: Investigating Hazardous Substance Exposures Associated With Mining or Smelting in United States Communities
  • Direct From CDC/EHS: Now What? A Tool to Help Commercial Fishermen Encountering Sea-Disposed Chemical Munitions

Advancement of the Practitioner

  • Career Opportunities
  • EH Calendar
  • Resource Corner

Your Association

  • President's Message: The Impacts of Climate Change Are at Our Doorstep
  • NEHA Organizational Members
  • Special Listing
  • A Tribute to Our 25-Year Members
  • U.S. Postal Service Statement of Ownership
  • NEHA News
  • NEHA 2019 AEC
  • DirecTalk: Musings From the 10th Floor: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

E-Journal Article

  • Firework-Induced Particulate and Heavy Metal Emissions During the Diwali Festival in Delhi, India

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