Our affiliates represent a grassroots network of state-level and sector-specific environmental health organizations. We are connected through a shared mission of empowering and educating environmental health professionals. Affiliate associations are primarily run by dedicated volunteers who support the profession locally. Our members are encouraged to connect with the affiliate organization in their state and get involved.

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    Affiliate Chapter Updates

    • Email to update affiliate organization, presidential, and contact information.
    • Submit affiliate conferences, events, and credential exams that you would like added to our Community Calendar.

    Certificates of Merit

    Each affiliate in good standing is invited to designate one of its members and/or a team to receive a Certificate of Merit, thereby nationally recognizing one of their own on a national level. Learn More


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    Quarterly Meetings


    • Holding Virtual Meetings and Safe In-person Conferences- 2021 | PDF
    • Advocacy for EH Professionals- 2019 | Advocacy for EH Professionals- 2019
    • Conference Planning 101- 2018 | PDF
    • Membership Workshop 2017 | PDF
    • Nonprofit Management Nuts & Bolts | PDF


    • IRS: Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization | PDF
    • Digital Media Law: Nonprofit Organization | Webpage

    Meeting Planning

    • FAQ on Planning Virtual Conferences | PDF
    • Zoom Webinars Datasheet | PDF
    • Zoom Platform Datasheet | PDF
    • Zoom Executive Summary 2019 | PDF