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National Environmental Assessment Reporting System

The National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS) is an online tool used by jurisdictions across the United States to track environmental assessments that are conducted as a result of foodborne illness investigations. Participating in this program gives agencies access to possible funding opportunities, in-person meetings, and an online community of support. Learn more about each of the benefits and find resources to help gain agency support for enrollment.


NEARS User Annual Meetings

  • We bring together NEARS Sites and their Administrators and Users for multi-day meetings to learn and share.
  • CDC provides NEARS Users a review of the analysis of NEARS data, NEARS platform and data collection, training exercises, and presentations from NEARS Users.
  • The next NEARS User Annual Meeting will be held in-person in Atlanta, GA in early spring of 2023. 

Online Community

  • The NEARS online platform is a virtual community to support program participants.

  • Within the platform, participants are able to:

    • connect with peers

    • share experiences, resources, and tools

    • ask questions, share NEARS resources

    • access timely and relevant information, announcements, and events

  • Review NEARS online community login instructions

Enrollment Resources

CDC's NEARS Success Stories

This 5-minute video features four current NEARS participants sharing their experiences with the CDC NEARS program.

NEARS Webinar

This 18-minute webinar provides an overview of CDC's NEARS. It discusses how NEARS can positively impact food safety programs by preventing and reducing future outbreaks. Speakers also discuss success stories from two agencies (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Tennessee Department of Health) that have participated in NEARS. View the full webinar, or the condensed version below.

Preventing Foodborne Illness Outbreaks: Participation in the National Environmental Assessment Reporting System

This presentation emphasizes the value of collecting and reporting environmental health data and the benefits of participation in NEARS. It highlights the enhanced prevention, intervention, and ultimate improved food safety that result from improved identification of environmental factors contributing to foodborne illness outbreaks. | Presentation Slides