Body Art

Body art includes the practice of body piercing, tattooing, branding, scarification, subdermal implants, tongue splitting, transdermal implants, or the application of permanent cosmetics.Environmental health professionals inspect and regulate body art establishments.

We partner with the AFDO Body Art Committee and the Body Art Education Alliance to support environmental health practitioners and the body art industry with the following initiatives:

  • Body Art Model Code and Annex
  • Body Art Training Needs Assessment
  • Body Art Inspection Training
  • Body Art Inspection Job Aids
  • Body Art Policy Statements
  • Recommendations for areas of research related to body art

Body Art Needs Assessment Results

In 2021, we conducted a nationwide survey to assess the needs of the workforce related to body art facility inspections. This needs assessment examined attitudes, skills, and knowledge related to inspection standards, best practices, and resources. The information from this needs assessment can be utilized to identify priorities that guide training and resource development for environmental health professionals responsible for ensuring safe body art practices that protect public health are implemented and followed.
  • Needs Assessment Results Summary | PDF

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