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Climate Change and Health Legislation 2023 Sessions

April 14, 2023

There are approximately 70 bills in the state legislatures addressing climate change and health. Bills have been introduced in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Washington.

Thirteen of the bills have failed, none have passed, the rest remain pending. California and Connecticut had the most (13 and 12, respectively), while Louisiana, New Hampshire and New Jersey only had one bill.

Alaska has four bills regarding carbon storage (H 49, H 50, S 48, S 49). Arizona had seven, including S 1509, which relates to a state climate resiliency planning group, and H2279 and S 1537 which relate to the greenhouse gas repeal prohibition.
California has three bills amending its Global Warming Solutions Act (A 397, A 585, A 593). It also has several bills relating to carbon markets. (S 261, S 308).

A bill in Connecticut that failed sought to establishes a state agency climate-friendly food purchasing plan (H 6492). Hawaii has several bills regarding zero-emission vehicles (H 199, H 1252, S 368).

In Illinois S 193 creates the Rust Belt to Green Belt Pilot Program Act. Louisiana introduced a carbon capture and sequestration (H 571). Minnesota has two bills relating to electric vehicles (H 413, S 1296).

New Hampshire’s H 372 establishes a commission to study the short and long-term impacts of pending national and regional carbon pricing mechanisms. New Jersey’s A 576 establishes the Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience Financing Program.

New York’s S 212 creates climate negligence for dangers to safety and health caused by certain fossil fuel related activity.

The state of Washington is seeking to improve climate resiliency through the state’s climate response strategy (H 1170, S 5093).

More details on each state’s legislation | PDF

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