Air Quality Resources

Air Quality Resources

CDC has resources for the general public and EH professionals on air pollutants, public health issues, research, and data.

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Training on Particle Pollution

The EPA's course on particle pollution provides health professionals with the knowledge they can share with patients to help reduce the overall risk of particle pollution-related health effects, particularly in individuals with heart and lung disease.

Particle Pollution and Your Patients' Health | Webpage

U.S. Outdoor Air Quality Data

EPA's AirData website gives access to air quality data collected at outdoor monitors across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Outdoor Monitors Across the U.S. | Webpage

U.S. Air Quality Index

EPA's AIRNow website and mobile app provides the general public with easy access to national air-quality information. It offers daily air-quality forecasts as well as real-time air quality for over 500 cities across the United States.

AirNow | Website
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Indoor Air Quality for Schools

EPA provides resources, trainings, and toolkits for teachers and EH professionals on topics such as radon, asthma, and energy savings in schools.

Creating Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Schools | Webpage

Space Observations of Air Quality

NASA has air quality maps and data taken from space, as well as news and resources for EH professionals.

Air Quality | Webpage

U.S. State of the Air Report

American Lung Association's State of the Air report organizes air quality by county and includes yearly rankings.

State of the Air | Webpage