Air Quality Webinars

EPA's Smoke Sense: A Citizen Science Project Using a Mobile App

EPA's Smoke Sense Project is a crowdsourcing, citizen science initiative focused on increasing public awareness and engagement related to wildfire smoke health risks. The Smoke Sense App serves as an educational tool and resource to increase awareness and encourage people to take steps to protect their health from wildfire smoke. Presenters shared the story of the Smoke Sense Project, focusing on findings related to risk communication that have informed the evolution of the project. Presenters also provide a demonstration of the app and a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

EPA’s Wildfire Smoke Research, Toolbox, and Other Resources Webinar

The EPA offers a suite of wildland fire resources that can assist public health professionals with the development of health risk communications strategies to improve public health outcomes, especially among those at highest risk. These resources can be found on the EPA's Smoke Ready Toolbox for Wildland Fires page. This webinar provides an overview of these resources.

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Healthy Heart Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Health Webinar

This webinar provides a brief synopsis of our current understanding of air pollution’s adverse health effects, describes the need for a large randomized controlled intervention study to reduce exposure, and highlights the ongoing efforts to translate, communicate and use research on the impacts of air pollution to educate health care providers and public health officials about what they can do to reduce exposures, and improve health and wellbeing among the at-risk population.

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