April 2023

Journal of Environmental Health
Volume 85, Number 8

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  • Communicating Results of Drinking Water Tests From Private Wells: Designing Report-Back Materials to Facilitate Understanding
  • Decreased Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Levels in Children With Asthma Are Associated With Increased Traffic-Related Air Pollutants
  • Bacterial Contamination in Long Island Sound: Using Preemptive Beach Closure to Protect Public Health

Special Items

  • In Memoriam: Tabby Bernardo
  • NEHA 2023 AEC
  • NEHA News
    • New Policy Statement Approved to Support the Profession
    • NEHA Staff Profiles
    • Recognize Excellence With a NEHA Award
    • American Indian and Alaska Native Resources


  • President’s Message: An Opportunity to Educate the Public, Policy Makers, and Other Professionals
  • Building Capacity: Trusting Email to Build Capacity
  • Direct From ATSDR: Exposure Investigations Conducted by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  • Direct From CDC/Environmental Health Services: Connecting Environmental Public Health With the Revised 10 Essential Public Health Services
  • The Practitioner’s Tool Kit: Practical Field Sampling Strategies