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Credential & Membership Badges

Our NEHA badges are designed to showcase your NEHA membership and credential(s). You may display your NEHA membership badge if your NEHA membership is fully paid and active. You may display your NEHA credential badge if you are in good standing with the credentialing requirements for obtaining and maintaining your specific credential.

Follow these instructions for adding your badge to your email signature:

  • Navigate to your email signature editor. This will depend on the program and software version your organization is using.
    • In Google: try selecting Settings > General > Signature
    • In Outlook/Microsoft: try selecting Settings > Accounts > Signatures
    • If you have trouble finding the signature editor, search "edit email signatureā€¯ plus the name of the email program you use
  • Select the option to insert an image
  • Place the badge where you would like it in your signature
  • Save your changes
  • Send a test email to make sure you like how it turned out

By downloading and displaying a NEHA membership or credential badge you agree to these terms of use. To ensure that the badges represent yours and our professionalism, please do NOT:

  • Stretch, crop, or otherwise alter the appearance of the badge
  • Give the .jpg file of your badge to another person for their use
  • Use the badge graphic next to text or imagery that could be considered inappropriate or offensive to others
  • Duplicate the badge graphic for the purpose of distribution (business cards excepted)