December 2019

Journal of Environmental Health
Volume 82, Number 5

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About the Cover

There is no uniform nationwide method for organizing and delivering governmental environmental health services to residents of the U.S. and its territories, as illustrated by the mosaic of tiles on this issue’s cover. The December cover article, “Environmental Health Systems and Delivery of Services in the United States and Its Territories,” investigated environmental health organization and delivery methods among states and territories. The study aimed to provide a synthesized understanding of environmental health system delivery to assist in efforts to target and deliver workforce capacity building and professional development support.

Table of Contents

Advancement of the Science

  • Comparison of Use, Storage, and Cleaning Practices for Personal Protective Equipment Between Career and Volunteer Firefighters in Northwestern Kentucky in the United States
  • Is Cleanliness Really a Reason for Consumers to Revisit a Hotel?

Advancement of the Practice

  • Environmental Health Systems and Delivery of Services in the United States and Its Territories
  • Direct From AAS: Work, School, and Training in the Environmental Health Field: A Lifelong Relationship
  • Direct From CDC/EHS: Environmental Health Shelter Assessments: Using Tools to Protect Occupants After Disasters
  • Integrating Public Health in Land Reuse and Redevelopment: Part 3: Public Health Indicators Associated With Land Reuse and Redevelopment: Results of a 40-Community Analysis

Advancement of the Practitioner

  • Career Opportunities
  • EH Calendar
  • Resource Corner
  • JEH Quiz #3

Your Association

  • President's Message: Awards and Honors: Why Are They Important?
  • Special Listing
  • NEHA 2020 AEC
  • NEHA News
  • DirecTalk: Musings From the 10th Floor: Jamkhed

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