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Disaster Readiness Simulator

We are developing a Disaster Readiness Simulator that offers a revolutionary approach to preparing for the reality of concurrent disasters. The simulator enables organizations to accurately test and understand their emergency response capabilities and human resource capacities. This web application enhances preparedness for multifaceted disaster scenarios by ensuring personnel are optimally allocated according to specialized expertise.

Use this simulator to enhance collaboration across the emergency response, environmental public health, and public health systems to better prepare, respond, and recover from concurrent disasters.

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About the Simulator

Our first-of-its-kind, online Disaster Readiness Simulator helps inform key decisions that you must make to strengthen your ability to plan for and prepare your response with the right people in the right places at the right time. Our Disaster Readiness Simulator provides invaluable insights into the unique challenges of concurrent disaster response management, and it can help prepare your organization, and your community, for what’s to come.

The Simulator will help public health and environmental health agencies:

  • Reveal and measure readiness gaps
  • Bridge gaps and map:
    • Capabilities
    • Program functions
    • Human capacities
  • Enable improvement of response plans to better prepare for actual disaster response.
  • Provide clarity amid complexity

Everyone has some risk of an Earthquake, Hurricane, or Ice storm. Everyone has Pandemic risk.

The Simulator has a component that allows users to see how a pandemic can strain jurisdiction capabilities and capacity and then further complicate response with acute, concurrent disasters. The simulator models 4 disasters:

  • Pandemic
  • Pandemic/Earthquake
  • Pandemic/Hurricane
  • Pandemic/Ice storm

Simulation scenarios are based on the modeled impacts of the hazard in your jurisdiction. These scenarios highlight the environmental public health impacts of concurrent disasters.

Another component of the Simulator is an AI assistant Sim Designer to help users design disaster simulations. The data that users enter during the initial parts of the Simulator (mapping capabilities, program functions, capacities) will be incorporated into the Sim Designer to help users create contextualized and personalized disaster scenarios, descriptions, modules, and injects, which will then be sent back to the Simulator as part of an interactive simulation of concurrent disaster scenarios.

The final output of the Simulator will produce an after-action report document and data, which will then be stored in the Sim Designer as part of the user history.