Wildfire Resources

Use the following resources to assist with emergency preparedness after a wildfire or mass fire. These resources were developed in-part by CDC, EPA, California Air Resources Board, and California Department of Public Health.

Navigating Wildfire Smoke: Understanding, Mitigating, and Communicating Health Risks Webinar

This webinar provides resources, including communication strategies, to navigate the complexities of wildfire smoke and air quality in preparation for the wildfire season and highlights the factors fueling wildfires, the health impacts of wildfire smoke, and the impact of climate-driven outdoor air pollution episodes (wildfires, dust events, and temperature inversions) on indoor air quality.

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Resources for Local Health Departments

  • Washington State Department of Health: Wildfire Smoke | Toolkit
  • Preparedness & Response for Septic Systems | Toolkit
  • EPA Wildfires | Website
  • U.S. Air Quality Index | AirNow
  • EPA Smoke Ready Toolbox for Wildfires | Toolbox
  • Wildland Fire Research to Protect Health and the Environment | EPA
  • EPA Presentation on wildfires | Webinars
  • Fire response and recovery resources | California EPA
  • Form Examples: Calaveras County Toolkit | PDF
  • Food and Water Safety: Food Safety Toolkit | PDF

Resources for the Public

  • What to do before, during, and after a wildfire | CDC
  • Information about home air cleaners | EPA
  • A list of certified air cleaning devices | CA Air Resources Board
  • Healthy Heart Toolkit and Research | EPA
  • Particle Pollution and Heart Disease | Million Hearts

Resources From Our Journal of Environmental Health

  • Norovirus Outbreak at a Wildland Fire Base Camp Ignites Investigation of Restaurant Inspection Policies | PDF
  • Building Capacity to Respond and Recover | Column