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5 Checks for Safe Food Delivery

This document, “5 Checks for Safe Food Delivery”, has been designed to provide best practice recommendations for safe food delivery to delivery persons working with third-party delivery services. This document is intended to provide very brief “do” and “do not” style recommendations and explains the “why” behind the various checks to help build capacity and further enhance food safety training offered by third-party delivery services. These recommendations have been prepared by NEHA’s Food Safety Program Committee in accordance with the guidance provided in the Conference for Food Protection’s Guidance Document for Direct-to-Consumer and Third-Party Delivery Service Food Delivery.

The style of writing is intended to be accessible to the public and the document includes simple vector images with easy-to-understand green checks and red x’s to indicate proper and improper food handling procedures. The image of the hand and the concept of the “5 Checks” are intended to help delivery persons internalize and recall this information. This document is modular, each section is self-contained, and the words and images can be used separately if that is preferred. This document is also designed for digital delivery and can be easily resized for use on smaller screens such as cell phones and inside of an existing app.


This full infographic is an easy-to-understand primer to best practices for food delivery persons.

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Individual Sections

Each section from the infographic above can be used for shorter, targeted information.

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More Resources

App or web developers can utilize the content in the infographic (icons and text) to integrate the information into existing phone or web apps, such as by creating timed reminders or pop-ups with food safety practices.

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* A special thank you to the NEHA Food Safety Program Committee for all your work...your expertise and insights are invaluable!