Green Book

Published in 1987 by NEHA, Environmental Health 1937–1987, Fifty Years of Professional Development With the National Association of Sanitarians/National Environmental Health Association (affectionately referred to as the "Green Book"), provides a brief overview of the association's first 50 years, including its creation, significant events, and past presidents. The book also provides chapters on credentialing, environmental health education, continuing education, The Sanitarian/Journal of Environmental Health, awards, women in environmental health, industry, and the American Academy of Sanitarians.

The Green Book was compiled by the NEHA Archives Committee, which included Dr. William G. Walter (chair), William A. Broadway, Dr. Trenton G. Davis, Boyd T. Marsh, ADM John G. Todd, and Dr. A. Harry Bliss, along with contributions from numerous environmental health professionals. The Green Book was made possible by a generous gift from Mark Nottingham, a long-time supporter of the association.

In the introductory statement,1986–1987 NEHA President George A. Morris encouraged all future leaders of environmental health to "view this document as a record of our proud history and learn from our past achievements and mistakes to guide our profession as we face the changing environmental health issues in the next 50 years, continuing to improve the quality of life for all."

Access to copies of the books was limited and there are just a few remaining copies in the NEHA Denver office. To share the history of NEHA's first 50 years, the NEHA History Project Task Force worked to digitalize the book for all to access and explore. 

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