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HACCP for Food Handlers

Course Overview

HACCP for Food Handlers provides a quick and effective introduction to key HACCP principles. In less than two hours the course will teach participants about HACCP's history, understand foodborne illnesses, contamination sources, the types of hazards they might see in the workplace, and steps they can take to control them.

Who Should Take the Course

This course is intended for front-line production personnel and HACCP team members.

Course Objectives

Upon completion participants will gain an understanding of a working HACCP plan and its seven supporting principles, including how to work as a HACCP team. Participants will also learn about personal hygiene and how good habits can significantly impact food safety which is required by the government (FSMA), industry, and auditing bodies. The course introduces food safety regulations, in a simple, easy-to-understand fashion.

The course curriculum consists of the following five modules:

  1. Introduction to HACCP
  2. Food Safety 101
  3. Understanding HACCP
  4. Pre-requisite programs and supporting documentation
  5. HACCP Concepts

Evaluation Process

At the end of each module, there is a test. Participants must successfully complete the test before continuing to the next module. Participants that do not achieve 80% can review the module content and try as many times as necessary to advance and complete the course. Test questions are randomly selected from a test bank, making each test unique.

Upon successfully completing all modules, there is a printable certificate for your records.

Course Duration

Approximately 30 minutes to one and a half hours per module including testing.



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