January/February 2016

January/February 2016, Volume 78, No. 6

Special Compendium Issue

Article Abstracts

Gender Differences in Respiratory Health of School Children Exposed to Rail Yard-Generated Air Pollution: The ENRRICH Study

A Step Towards Improving Food Safety in India: Determining Baseline Knowledge and Behaviors Among Restaurant Handlers in Chennai

Safety Evaluation of Metal Exposure From Commonly Used Hair Dyes and Tattoo Inks in Nigeria

Knowledge and Food Handling Practices of Nurses in a Tertiary Health Care Hospital in Nigeria

Assessment of the Physicochemical Quality of Drinking Water Resources in the Central Part of Iran

Seat Belt Usage Interventions for Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

An Expanding and Shifting Focus in Recent Environmental Health Literature: A Quantitative Bibliometric Study

Pesticide Exposure in the Caribbean: A Case From Nutmeg Processing

Association Between Low Temperature During Winter Season and Hospitalizations for Ischemic Health Diseases in New York State

Measurements of Arsenic in the Urine and Nails of Individuals Exposed to Low Concentrations of Arsenic in Drinking Water From Private Wells in a Rural Region of Quebec, Canada

Health Risk Assessment Research on Heavy Metals Ingestion Through Groundwater Drinking Pathway for the Residents in Baotou, China

The Impact of Extremes in Outdoor Temperature and Sunshine Exposure on Birth Weight

Radon Risk Communication Strategies: A Regional Story

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Morbidity and Mortality of Residents Living Near a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Northwest Italy From 1980 to 2009

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Featuring JEH article, A Step Towards Improving Food Safety in India


Read and comment on the latest column from NEHA's President, Bob Custard, REHS, CP-FS.

Building the Future Environmental Health Workforce

Read and comment on the latest column from NEHA's Executive Director, David Dyjack, DrPH, CIH.

(Work) Force = Mass x Acceleration

Read and comment on the latest Building Capacity column from Accela, Darryl Booth, MBA.

Civic Engagement Builds Capacity for Health Departments



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