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June 2023 Journal of Environmental Health

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  • Coronavirus Surrogate Persistence and Cross-Contamination on Food Service Operation Fomites | Abstract 
  • Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Duties and Requirements—Part 2: The Public Health Inspection System, Marks of Inspection, and Slaughter Inspections | Abstract
  • Unfolding Outbreak Scenarios Can Be a Bite-Size Treat and Other Lessons From New Zealand’s First Online Environmental Health Conference | Abstract 

Special Items

  • NEHA 2023 AEC | PDF 
  • Spotlight on NEHA Resources: Our Online Store | PDF 
  • In Memoriam | PDF 
    • Celeste Davis 
    • Vartkes “Vic” Karaian 
    • Richard K. Rowe 
    • Janet Williams 
  • NEHA News | PDF 
    • NEHA 2023 General Election Results 
    • Raise Awareness of Local Food Safety 
    • NEHA Releases Best Practice Guide for SAFE-D 
    • New Tool Kit Focuses on Top Contaminants in Private Wells 
    • NEHA Government Affairs Updates 


  • President’s Message: With You Till the End of the Line | PDF 
  • Building Capacity: Build Capacity by Adding to Facility Inventory | PDF 
  • Direct From ATSDR: APPLETREE: Building Local Capacity to Respond to Environmental Exposures | PDF 
  • Direct From CDC/Environmental Health Services: Shine a Light on Environmental Justice Issues With the Environmental Justice Dashboard | Column 
  • The Practitioner’s Took Kit: Risk: We Assess It! | PDF 


Volume 85, Number 10