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Lead Exposure Reduction Project

We are working with tribal and territorial communities to provide education and tools to address lead exposure risks and testing in their areas.

US-Affiliated Pacific Islands

  • Host and provide travel scholarships for 2.5-day lead workshop in Guam for the historic members of the Northern Pacific Environmental Health Association, who are the constituents of the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands including the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Territory of Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Kiribati, Republic of Nauru, and other countries and territories.
  • Provide education, support development of strategies as needed
  • Build partnerships to provide regional support in reducing childhood lead poisoning
  • Provide support to purchase equipment for lead detection

U.S. Indian Country

  • Provide a mini grant for lead for community environmental health programs
  • Create community-specific training materials and resources

Federal Award Number: NU38OT000300, Award amount $323,083.