May 2022

Journal of Environmental Health
Volume 84, Number 9

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About the Cover

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are 450,000 brownfield sites in the U.S. Less than 7% of the estimated brownfields in the U.S. have undergone assessment and only a fraction have been cleaned up. This low percentage highlights the challenges associated with brownfield sites from economic, regulatory, environmental, and public health perspectives. This issue’s cover article provides an overview of brownfields redevelopment in the U.S. with a focus on regulatory, public health, and sustainable development frameworks. A broader focus on brownfields redevelopment could reduce the inequity and health disparities typically seen in areas with distressed environments, as well as improve population health and the environment over the long term.

Table of Contents

Advancement of the Science

  • An Overview of Brownfields Redevelopment in the United States Through Regulatory, Public Health, and Sustainability Lenses
  • Association Between Equipment Maintenance Violations in Food Service Establishments and Their Risk Level According to the Ohio Administrative Code in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Spatial Analysis of the Impact of “Do Not Spray” Areas on Mosquito Adulticiding in the Suburbs of Northwest Chicago, Illinois

Advancement of the Practice

  • Direct From AAS: Two Stories on the Importance of Professional Relationships
  • Direct From CDC/Environmental Health Services: Tools From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Help Prevent Pathogen Transmission in Increased Risk Aquatic Venues
  • Direct From ecoAmerica: Building a More Inclusive Climate Movement: Climate Change and Disabilities
  • Direct from U.S. EPA/Office of Research and Development: Wildfire Smoke and Public Health: Science and Technology Development to Reduce Risk

Advancement of the Practitioner

  • EH Calendar
  • Resource Corner
  • JEH Quiz #6

Your Association

  • President’s Message: War Is Hell
  • Special Listing
  • NEHA 2022 AEC
  • NEHA News
  • DirecTalk: Triangulate the Data

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  • Custom Data Processing
  • EMSL Analytical, Inc.
  • HealthSpace USA Inc.
  • Industrial Test Systems, Inc.
  • Inspect2GO Environmental Health Software
  • NEHA-FDA Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program
  • Ozark River Manufacturing Co.
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