Private Well Class

Homeowners in small communities and rural areas without a public water supply often lack an appropriate understanding of best practices for managing, operating, and protecting their private well. The Private Well Class online course is designed to help users better understand how to properly care for their water well, to ensure their water remains safe to drink. By understanding the basic science of water wells and following best practices to maintain and protect water supply, homeowners can ensure a safe water supply and help extend the life of their home water well.

The class provides a step-by-step education framework to assist well owners and other stakeholders in understanding:

  • groundwater hydrology
  • well fundamentals
  • well care best practices
  • finding local assistance

The class is funded by a grant to the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The Illinois State Water Survey and the Illinois Water Resources Center, at the University of Illinois, have collaboratively developed the curriculum for this program, under contract with RCAP.


Originally intended for well owners, this course has proven to be a resource for environmental health professionals for basic well and groundwater understanding as well.

Course Details

The course compiles the ten modules from the program's popular email-based course into 10 courses that can be taken in sequence or individually and are eligible for one (1) CE each from NEHA. The course is free to anyone.

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