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Certified Foodborne Outbreak Investigator Credential

The CFOI credential is ideal for professionals who use environmental health principles and food safety knowledge in collaboration with outbreak response partners to assess foodborne illness risks. Individuals with a CFOI credential are prepared to:

  • perform environmental assessments
  • identify contributing factors and antecedents
  • implement control measures to prevent the spread of foodborne illness and protect the public.

A few of the potential job opportunities a CFOI credential can lead to include Environmental Health Specialist, Food Safety Specialist, Epidemiologist, Public Health Officer, Health Inspector, and Quality Assurance Manager. These are just a few of the professions that this credential will open doors to.

Individuals can follow a degree track or an experience tracks to be eligible for the CFOI credential exam. An "In-Training" option is also available.


  • Member: $260.00
  • Non-member: $405.00

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