Policy Statements

One of our responsibilities is to speak up on issues of concern to our members and the profession through the adoption of policy statements. These statements have been vetted by our team and adopted by the Board of Directors as official statements of the association. Each statement sets forth our beliefs on a specific subject related to environmental health and is shared with state, local, and federal policymakers, including both the executive and legislative branches, as well as relevant environmental and public health boards. The policies remain active for five years.

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Body Art

  • November 2021-2026: Body Art | PDF

Climate Change

  • July 2023-2028 Climate Change | PDF

Data Modernization

  • July 2023-2028: The Need for Data Modernization and Informatics in Environmental Health Programs | PDF

Food Safety

  • July 2022-2027: U.S. Food and Drug Administration Model Food Code | PDF
  • January 2022-2027: Food Freedom Operations | PDF
  • November 2021-2026: Food Safety | PDF
  • November 2021-2026: Uniform and Integrated Food Safety System Adoption | PDF
  • February 2021-2026: Point-of-Service Food Inspection Disclosure | PDF
  • July 2023-2028: Raw Milk | PDF
  • July 2023-2028: Enrollment and Conformance With the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards of the Food and Drug Administration | PDF
  • July 2023-2028: Food Safety Related to Consumable Cannabis Products | PDF


  • November 2021-2026: Role of Environmental Health in Preparedness | PDF


  • October 2020-2023: Research and Innovations That Enhance Environmental Health Science and Practice | PDF

Vector Control

  • November 2021-2026: Vector Control | PDF
  • November 2021-2026: Mosquito Control | PDF

Water Quality

  • July 2023-2028: Recreational Waters and the Model Aquatic Health Code | PDF
  • November 2021-2026: Well Water Quality Testing Regulation | PDF
  • October 2020-2023: Onsite Wastewater Systems | PDF


  • January 2023-2028: Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian Credential | PDF