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Climate and Health Adaptation and Mitigation Program

The CHAMP program encourages local jurisdictions to progress toward meeting Healthy People 2030 objectives, promotes health equity by raising awareness of how climate change-associated environmental health hazards disproportionately impact the health of various communities and population groups, and helps to advance CDC's Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) framework.      

Through the CHAMP program, we encourage and support local jurisdictions to:

  • Identify unique climate-related health risks
  • Develop responsive climate adaptation plans
  • Implement targeted adaptation actions to protect communities from climate change-related environmental health hazards
  • Become climate champions who actively support local climate and health-related environmental health programming
  • Work through the various phases and activities of the program framework

Participation in CHAMP includes: 

  • Completing an assessment
  • Meeting with our staff
  • Attending a training
  • Evaluation of program plan

Jurisdictions can get involved in this program by emailing us.

Watch our webinar with our pilot jurisdictions sharing their experiences, Addressing the Impact of Climate Change Using the CHAMP Program | YouTube