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Climate and Health Committee

The mission of our Climate and Health Committee is to be a resource in addressing the environmental and public health impacts from climate change.

The committee is comprised of local, state, federal, and industry professionals with environmental health and climate and health backgrounds working to:

  • Ensure members have basic climate science information.
  • Develop, share, review, and disseminate resources on climate change policies, programs, and best practices to support the organization, environmental health professionals, and the public.
  • Identify related needs, training gaps, challenges, and emerging issues within the profession.
  • Guide and provide input on our climate change programs and projects.


  • Identify and provide recommendations related to resource gaps, needs of the profession and emerging issues.
  • Identify best practices, successes, and challenges for environmental health professionals in the Climate Change field.
  • Provide guidance, input, and participation in the development of climate related resources and projects.
  • Promote and disseminate developed materials and resources.

Committee Activity & Materials

  • Climate Change Policy Statement | PDF
  • Climate and Health Online Community | Webpage