January/February 2017

Journal of Environmental Health
Volume 79, No. 6

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About the Cover

This issue’s featured article, “Lung Cancer Worry and Home Screening for Radon and Secondhand Smoke in Renters,” explored the relationships between demographic factors, lung cancer worry, and completion of home screening for radon and secondhand smoke among renters. The study found that renters who had at least one smoker in the home and those with a lower education level were more likely to report lung cancer worry. Renters pose a particular challenge because they may feel powerless to control decisions that influence air quality beyond their own space. As such, policies designed to protect air quality in rental properties are essential.

Table of Contents

Advancement of the Science

  • Lung Cancer Worry and Home Screening for Radon and Secondhand Smoke in Renters
  • The Effect of Inspection Announcements on the Outcome of Food Service Establishment Sanitary Health Evaluations
  • Special Report: Overview of Silica-Related Clusters in the United States: Will Fracking Operations Become the Next Cluster?

Advancement of the Practice

  • Building Capacity: Building Capacity Through Public Health Headlines
  • Direct From CDC/EHSB: CDC Takes Action to Improve the Reporting of Environmental Health Assessment Data During Foodborne Illness Outbreak Investigations

Advancement of the Practitioner

  • Career Opportunities
  • EH Calendar
  • Resource Corner
  • JEH Quiz #4

Your Association

  • President's Message: Search and Employ
  • NEHA Organizational Members
  • NEHA 2017 AEC
  • Special Listing
  • NEHA News
  • DirecTalk: Musings From the 10th Floor: Size Does Not Make a Profession

E-Journal Bonus Article

  • From Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning to Professional Wet Cleaning: Making the Health and Business Case for Reducing Toxics

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