November 2023

Journal of Environmental Health
Volume 86, Number 4

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  • Assessing the Burden of Cold-Related Illness and Death in Minnesota
  • Evaluating the Impact of Food and Drug Administration-Funded Cooperative Agreement Programs on Conformance With the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards
  • Bacterial and Viral Pathogens in Drinking Water Sources in Pakistan: A Recent Perspective

Special Items

  • NEHA 2023 AEC Wrap-Up
  • A Tribute to Our 25-Year and Beyond Members
  • NEHA 2024 AEC
  • NEHA News
    • Call for Nominations
    • New Concurrent Disaster and Recovery Resources
    • Membership Hits Record Number
    • New Blogs From Government Affairs
    • Spark! Webinar Series
    • Support the Future of Environmental Health
    • NEHA Staff Profile


  • President’s Message: Environmental Health Data—Can We Make More Powerful Decisions?
  • Building Capacity: Building Capacity With the Programmatic Adoption of Artificial Intelligence
  • Direct From ATSDR: Assessment of Chemical Exposures (ACE) Program: Toolkit Advances and Recent Investigations
  • Direct From CDC/Environmental Health Services: Tools From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Can Help Prevent and Control Legionella Growth and Spread
  • The Practitioner’s Tool Kit: The Art and Science of Inspection: A Short Introduction