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Professional Food Handler Certificate

A well-trained and knowledgeable food handler is the backbone of food safety in the retail foodservice setting. NEHA's Professional Food Handler (PFH) Certificate Course provides these frontline workers access to essential knowledge and an understanding of core food safety practices that they need to carry out their work safely.

The NEHA Professional Food Handler Course is ideal for:

  • Preparing for employment in the food industry
  • Employee orientation to food safety
  • Meeting the requirements for employee training (food handler) by state and/or local jurisdictions

Professional Food Handler

  • ANSI accredited
  • Based on the 2017 FDA Food Code
  • Secure Certificate of Training issued


The Professional Food Handler Certificate can be obtained an instructor or online.

Training and Testing with a NEHA Food Safety Instructor

Our Food Safety Training program maintains a network of hundreds of qualified Food Safety Instructors that provide training and assist us in protecting public health. Find an instructor near you on our directory webpage. This course is ideal for meeting the requirements for food handler employee training by state and/or local jurisdictions.* Participants will receive their Food Handler Certificate upon course completion.

*Check with the state of Florida for Florida-approved food handler training.

Professional Food Handler Online Certificate Course

The two-hour course includes an online assessment and is based on the 2017 FDA Food Code. The course includes seven modules, and Certificate is available upon completion. Registration is available through our Bookstore.

Learn More

  • Professional Food Handler Textbook, NEHA | NEHA Bookstore
    • The Professional Food Handler textbook helps support both the online and instructor-led courses. The textbook includes important food safety practices, the latest information about food safety and pathogen controls, charts, and informative graphics.
  • Food Handler Certificate Program Handbook, NEHA | PDF