Project Firstline

We are proud to partner with the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) for Project Firstline. The CDC's Project Firstline is a collaborative of diverse healthcare and public health partners that have come together to provide healthcare facilities foundational knowledge of infection control.

To stop the spread of infectious disease threats, including COVID-19, anyone in healthcare, public health, and environmental health needs a foundational knowledge of infection control and must understand and be ready to implement infection control protocols and procedures throughout their workday, including during every patient care activity and healthcare interaction. This collaboration will provide these professionals with infection control training they need to protect the nation from infectious disease threats.

The National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) is a central hub for individuals and institutes who are wanting to improve public health throughout the United States. NNPHI mobilizes more than 40 member public health institutes with over $1.4 billion in annual funding as well as 10 university-based regional training centers and 40 affiliates. They connect more than 8,000 subject matter experts with organizational partners across the nation and serve as a go-to resource for analysis and best practices. The organization also provides important network connections for communities, government agencies, foundations, the health care delivery system, media, and academia.

Project Firstline Environmental Health Question and Answer Session

Join Gina Bare, RN, and Dr. Timothy Landers for a Q&A Session on infection control and environmental health.

Inside Infection Control Videos

American Medical Association (AMA) and the CDC's Webinar Series Check out the recording of Project Firstline's infection control training collaborative kickoff event, hosted by the AMA.

Watch these highlighted videos ranging from three to six minutes each:
  • Cleaning? Disinfection? What is the Difference? | YouTube
  • What is Ventilation? | YouTube
  • Why Does Ventilation Matter? | YouTube
  • What Do New COVID-19 Strains Mean for Infection Control? | YouTube
  • Sars-Cov-2? Covid-19? What's the Difference? | YouTube
  • What's the Goal of Infection Control? | YouTube
You can also watch the entire series and listen in as AMA President, Dr. Susan R. Bailey and CDC's Dr. Michael Bell address infection control questions from physicians on the frontlines. Dr. Bell also provides information about Project Firstline's innovative infection control training opportunities – designed to meet the needs of busy frontline healthcare workers.

Project Firstline Resources

  • Inside Infection Control Videos, CDC | Webpage
  • Project Firstline Facilitator Toolkit Guide and resources, CDC | Webpage