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Rural and Frontier Committee

The mission of our Rural and Frontier Committee is to be a resource for environmental health professionals and NEHA leadership dedicated to developing resources and programs to support and increase the workforce capacity and improve conditions in rural/frontier communities.

The Rural and Frontier Committee works with the overarching goals in mind:

  • Establish best practices and other resources to build the capacity of those supporting rural and frontier communities.
  • Identifying health priorities and challenges (i.e., unhealthy housing, vector presence, solid waste removal, septic system issues), making recommendations on trainings, needs of the profession, and emerging environmental health issues in rural and frontier communities.
  • Promote and disseminate NEHA rural and frontier related and committee developed materials and resources.
  • Identify and build partnerships with other stakeholders supporting rural and frontier communities.

This committee requires a 2-year commitment. Meetings will be scheduled for an hour once a month. The committee discusses topics relevant to the unique challenges of addressing environmental health in rural and frontier communities, as well as working on activities recommended by the committee.